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Classic to edgy hair design just for you. Keeping your features and lifestyle in mind. Always with clean lines and my celebrity blowout. 

Sew-in and tape extensions, custom hair picked to match your texture and color. I use Russian hair mostly. Consultation needed. 

Cutting extensions requires different cutting techniques and wigs as well. I add layers so that your extension look more authentic. 



This way of blow dry style is done with a round brush. Blow drying fullness, volume and movement to your hair that can take you from the office to the red carpet. 

A comprehensive platform demonstrating how to cut the most requested hair cuts in the world. 

This workshop will not only demonstrate how to do the most healthy extensions for clients hair, it will also inform you on placement for thinning hair. 

As indicated under my hair extension cuts there are special techniques that must be used in cutting extensions and wigs. This workshop will teach you how to cut and style for this service that is highly in demand.

Hair Extensions

Extension Haircut

Hair Cutting

Hair Cutting

Hair Extensions

Hair Cutting Wigs & Extensions


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